Nuri Kim is based in Seoul. Nuri studied Department of Art and Craft at School of Arts and Design, where she began making work that operates as furniture, tableware, and sculpture. The experience led to her exploration of functional sculpture. Beyond the context of traditional clay, she aims to callenge and express the imagination of painting, function and size with clay.

The Cloud series ‘Grapnuage’ is known for vase that embodies a variety of colors in which clouds change with light. The work began with the idea that the light in the sky, which changes over time and weather, is similar to the properties of glaze (the color of glaze changes when baked in the kiln), and aims to express the sky that changes over time and light.

Nuri Kim began pursuing her passion for the series after her summer camp experience at Alfred University in New York and her trip to Europe. Designed in 2016, ‘Grapnuage’ became a popular ceramic in the fashion and art world and quickly established itself in a number of exhibitions.

Nurikim's collection includes a Grapnuage , and NRK Obsession has been added.

The Jewelry series ‘NRK Obsession’ is about her obsession. She was obsessed with counting numbers, arranging things in certain rules, and relieved to see them sorted out. For Nuri, it’s a gateway to grow from them.

All designed and made in Seoul, Korea

Logo design by Eunsun Park

Logo design by Eunsun Park

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